Always check if your API call was successful or resulted in error. You may check the following

  • 200 OK response header.
  • 4XX ERROR response header

Please check the table below for common error constants. Note that some API functions can return custom errors of their own (listed in appropriate document sections). Check the error description for details, e.g. which field caused an error or which resource you don’t have access to.

AUTH_FAILED_NO_DATA401You have not provided auth data.
AUTH_FAILED401The auth data you have provided is invalid.
NOT_IMPLEMENTED404The method you are requesting is unsupported.
OVER_LIMIT429You have exceeded the request limit.
FIELD_EMPTY400Required field is empty.
FIELD_INVALID400Field has invalid format (see proper format in the description).
NO_ACCESS400You don't have access to this feature
KEY_EXISTS400The resource with this key already exists.
LEDGER_ERROR400Insufficient funds to carry out debit
BAD_CALLER_ID400The sender ID you have set is not valid or number is inactive or expired